5 Reasons Why Antler Chews Are a Good Choice For Your Dog

5 Reasons Why Antler Chews Are a Good Choice For Your Dog

Dogs Need to Chew!

We all love our dogs, but we would prefer they do not chew our personal items.  

Here are 5 reasons why Antler chews can save your personal belongings and make your dog happier.

Buck Bone Antler Products - 100% Natural

1) Antler chews taste delicious, at least that is what we have heard from several customers.  Just look at Moto enjoying the chew.

2) Antler chews are long-lasting, providing hours of chewing fun with NO mess.  Antler does not Stain and is Odorless.

3) Energy is how dogs communicate, so they have a lot of it.   Chewing Antler  chews can help release some of that energy and help them calm down.

4) Cortisol is the main stress hormone and chewing helps your dog relieve stress that will help them be more relaxed.  

5) The antler is 100% Natural.  Deer & Elk shed their antlers every Spring in the wild of Montana.  Pure ingredients with nothing added or removed.

Buck Bone Antler Products - 100% Natural


Grade A antler gives you the comfort of knowing you are giving your dog the safest antler chew -

  • The Freshest shed available
  • No cracks
  • Smooth
  • The Highest moisture content


BONUS:  Antler is more aesthetically pleasing in your home than other chews. Nowadays Antler is made into several  home decorations.

Buck Bone Organics offers several Antler chews that your dog can enjoy.   Click here to see what might be of interest.


If you are not sure what chew is best for your dog, please feel free to contact me directly:

Jackie Steigleman


Phone:   678-936-9833