Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Correct Size for my dog?

Our chews are sized accordingly to the weight of dogs. But in addition to that, only you know what kind of chewer you have. We recommend whole antlers for the more aggressive chewers. You may also try ordering the next size up but never down. Still confused? Check out our Chew Selection Guidelines or feel free to Bark at us!

Are Antlers safe for puppies?

Yes they are safe for puppies. We recommend splits antlers for puppies as they have exposed marrow and are a little softer. They make great teething chews.

How long will antlers last?

Antlers are very hard on the outside and softer on the inside. If you bought a whole antler it can last up to one week or more. If you bought a split bone, with the marrow is exposed, it may last an hour to a month depending on how aggressive of a chewer your dog is. Every dog has different chewing styles. 

Are Antler Chews good for my dog?

We believe YES! An all natural, single ingredient chew is always better than the alternative.

Our Chews are full of nutrition with no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives. They offer an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and protein for dogs: protein 38%, calcium 18%, phosphorus 9.9%. They also naturally clean your dogs teeth making them nice and shiny!

When should I take away or discard the antler?

Antler has no expiration date, but when the antler becomes small enough to swallow or "choke on" you should take it away.

If you notice your dog is trying to bite/break the antler in half rather than nibbling on the ends, working in toward the middle, you should remove it from him/her as this could be damaging to teeth.

We recommend supervising dogs who are new to antler to learn more about their chewing habits. If your dog is getting through the antler quickly, you should consider limiting their chew time to short intervals.

Is antler edible?

Yes! The entire antler is edible and safe for your dog to eat. However, we do not recommend allowing your dog to eat the whole piece of antler in one sitting. Make sure your dog has plenty of water available to drink.

Is one species of antler better than the other?

There is no nutritional difference in the different antler species, however there are differences in the cuts and hardness of the antler.

The best species will be specific to your dog's preference, and your dogs chewing style.

Moose Antler chews are our softest chews, as they have the thinnest outer shell and a softer marrow.

Elk Antler chews come in 2 different cuts, Whole or Split and have a slightly thicker outer shell than the moose. The split cut has exposed marrow which is a softer chew than our whole cut and are a good option for dogs that are new to antler. The whole cut is a harder chew, and will challenge a dog to work its way through the outer shell in order to get to the marrow.

Deer Antler chews are our hardest chews available and only available as a whole cut. Deer has the thickest outer shell, and the most dense marrow. Recommended for power chewers.