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About Us

Buck Bone Organics is a company created by a family who has a passion for nature, as well as an overwhelming love for animals. We have been working together in order to create healthy, nutritious, organic, long lasting, hearty chews for your dog. We hand pick the freshest and finest sheds from New Mexico to Montana, where all of our antlers are a Domestic USA product; Grade A Quality as well as hand crafted--cut, sanded, and wrapped by us with love. 

All About The Elk

Every spring, bull Elk naturally lose their antlers only to grow another set. The antlers that are lost are called sheds, and they are scavenged for every season. Once those antlers hit the ground, they play an interesting role in the ecosystem. Antlers are vital for all mammals as sources of calcium, potassium, and protein. Because of this, we go out and collect the sheds that are dropped, soon crafting them into delicious, all natural chews for your dog. With this naturally occurring process, no Elk are ever harmed in the making of our chews, which is extremely important to us. Elk are magnificent animals and they produce an even more magnificent product, naturally! How amazing.


Sizes & Cuts

Here at Buck Bone Organics, we offer a variety of different sizes that you can chose
from when deciding what chew will be the best fit for your dog. We offer two different cuts, "Whole and Split." Typically a Whole sized Buck Bone will last a bit longer and will be a harder chew when in comparison with one of our Split Buck Bones. The Split antlers have much more exposed marrow, making it a softer chew for your dog, and are typically recommended for dogs that have less aggressive chewing habits. Our sizes range from Small to X-Large and come in singles, double packs or mixes of 1-2 pound bags. We will also do customized orders, just bark at us!! Buck Bones will vary in shape, weight, thickness, size, and color, as every antler we cut is unique to the Elk it came from. Be sure to always purchase the appropriate size chew for your dog, and we can help you with that if needed.

Happy Chewers

Our Buck Bones will give your dog hours of content chewing. You can feel good about giving your dog one of our chews as they are organic, gluten free, odorless, all natural, allergy free, contain no dyes, preservatives or additives. They have a great taste that most dogs will go nuts for! Make your dog happy today and bring home one of our Elk Antler Chews for him/her to enjoy! FINALLY A WAY TO CALM THE BEAST IN YOUR DOG –Does your dog ever get wound up and run around the house like a maniac? See the magic happen when you give your dog one of our elk antler dog chews, watch them settle down, come to a crashing halt, and take time to fully enjoy their new dog bone! 


Ethical Commitment

Customers increasingly care about where the things they buy, come from. They want to know about the ethical commitment of the companies that they buy from, and what impact their purchases will have on the planet. We aim to provide the best quality chew and nothing less, so that both you and your dog are more than happy. We are dedicated to living an organic lifestyle!

For every Buck Bone we sell, a portion of the proceeds goes to animal shelters all over the country so dogs without families can also enjoy a good natural chew. 

Customers Love Buck Bones!

NOTE: No animals were harmed when producing these dog treats.