How Our Antler Chews Are Designed


Hand Cut, Sanded & Packed with Love!

Every year wild bull elk, moose and deer across the U.S. naturally shed their antlers, leaving behind an incredible natural resource that is a healthy treat for your dog.

We cut those sheds into an abundant amount of sizes that are a combination of both length and weight, helping to maintain a consistent high quality product from chew to chew. Shapes and density will vary, giving each Buck Bone its own original style for your dog to enjoy.



Sizes & Cuts

We offer two different cuts, "Whole" and "Split".

Whole Antlers last a bit longer and will be a harder chew when in comparison with one of our Split Buck Bones. These are a great choice for dogs with stronger jaws or power chewers who need a challenge.

Split Antlers have exposed marrow, making it a softer chew for your dog. Splits are recommended for dogs that have less aggressive chewing habits or who are new to antler chews.

Our Sizes are cut with your dog in mind! The antler label size corresponds with breed size. From Small to Jumbo there is something for every dog. It is okay to order the next size up for your dog but NEVER down. If you have a power chewer we recommend sizing up.