The Benefits of Bone Marrow for Your Dog

Here at Buck Bone Organics, we focus on making sure your dog has the most satisfying and healthy antler to chew as possible. What you might not know is that the bone marrow in our Elk and Deer Antlers can play a huge role in your dog’s diet.

Bone marrow is naturally found in our Buck Bones and actually works to promote brain growth, healthy digestion, and bone growth. Chewing is also great if your pup has any feelings of anxiety or frustration. This means that with our Antler Chews, you could actually be making your pup healthier and smarter. Plus, dogs naturally love the taste of bone marrow, which means they'll be chewing their antler all day.

One of the most important components found in the bone marrow of our antlers is calcium. In fact, many dog toy and chew manufactures add bone marrow to their products because it contains so much calcium, while our chews naturally have calcium. 

Calcium ensures that your dog will grow to have strong and healthy bones, muscles and cartilage. When your furry friend doesn’t get enough of this nutrient found in the antler bone marrow, it can potentially lead to hip problems, arthritis, and digestive issues. In fact, part of the reason Buck Bone started was to find a treat that a pup with digestive issues could enjoy. That’s why we here at Buck Bone are so insistent that all of our Antlers remain 100% natural in order to keep them full of the components your four-legged friend needs.

Our Buck Bones have no growth hormones, antibiotics, or preservatives, which in turn provides your pup with an amazing source of calcium, phosphorus, and protein. Not only that, but our Grade A antlers are as fresh as can be.

 We here at Buck Bone Organics want to make sure that your dog remains healthy and happy with the right kind of treat.


Bone Marrow Benefits for Dogs Infographic

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