First Post

My name is George, the Corgi." 

"I have a very sensitive stomach and if I eat anything with preservatives or fillers or that is just plain not good for me, my tummy turns inside out and upside down, yuck! Has that ever happened to your pups? I have never been much of a chewer despite all the rawhide and bully bones my family has offered me and if given the choice I like my treats to be something I can gobble down real fast. That is until I tried Elk Antler Chews. I can chew for hours and not get a tummy ache plus there is no sticky goo on my paws or my bed that is usually left over from other bones I have tried. There is something magical about these antlers, I feel like I conquered the great outdoors and found an endless supply of treasure, the kind that only a dog would understand! "